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The Operating Theater, loves to entertain audiences with unusual, inventive, provocative performance.

But, without our supporters, we're nothing!

We want you to be a part of every exciting development in our work and we ask for your support in taking our next steps.

It is a startling fact that most every cultural institution, from the Metropolitan Opera to the Smithsonian Institution, is funded through individual contributions from people like you.

If everyone reading this makes a $10 donation, our next event will surpass your wildest expectations.

Please make a donation!

We are proud to list our donors in the program for each new production as well as on this website.

POW...you're famous!


We'd like to thank the following backers, some of the generous people who have made our productions possible.

John Bello
Dianne Bruno
Caroline Burwell
Rosemarie Costa
Jack DePalma
Michele DeVirgilio
Pierre-Marc Diennet
Caitlin Donovan
Tim Donovan
Alexis Fedor
Amber Gallery
Kitty Gleason
Marnie Jaffe
Joann Sacco Jeter
Steve & Kendra
Warren Lampe
Virginia Lampe
Bryan Linington
Susan Lynch
Brian Masefield
Eben Moore
Kate Moran
Isa Moskowitz
Carmelita Naval
Amber Reed
Paul Reyman
Lynn & Mike Salsbury
Jennifer Ringer-Stabile
Kristin Rose
Krista Ruhe
Kourtney Rutherford
Jackie Schneider
Michael Schuler
Harold Schuler
Sarah Stalker
Jon Torn
Chris Trent
The Trichon family
The Zampella family

With your contribution, we are one step closer to creating beauty and magic. It is only with the support of friends like you that our productions come to life. Every donation, no matter how small, is extremely important.

Operating Theater

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* We will NEVER sell or provide a third party with your private information. That’s a promise!

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