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garden of forked tongues

"After gushing to writer/director Jason Schuler about how his latest production, The Garden of Forked Tongues, was one of the best theater-going experiences I’ve ever had, he promptly assured me that it was just the hypnosis speaking. Though he had a valid point, as the play begins and concludes with hypnosis, I’d like to think my delight was pure and of my own accord..." - Evelyn Sullivan, FigmentTheater.com

"Someone who sees a lot of experimental theater has told us that The Garden of Forked Tongues is "the weirdest thing" he's ever seen. Ordinarily that might give us pause, but the mastermind behind this spectacle is Jason Schuler, whose adventurous work is always good for a laugh..." - John Del Signore, The Gothamist

“Writer/director Jason Schuler often draws on other realities to amuse us. Here his sci-fi scenario, with duplicate and triplicate actors from parallel realities, doesn’t always make sense, but his inventiveness and sense of humor carry you along. After a woman hypnotist puts the audience into a proper meditative state at the play’s outset, you truly never know what is going to happen next..” – Tom Murrin, "The Year According to Papermag: The Best of the Best of 2009"

"...Spontaneous, peculiar and a helluva lot of fun....In short, Van Driver is one ineffable piece
of entertainment, a bang-up hallucination that leaves me craving more."
     -By Leigh Kamping-Carder, Curtain Rising

"Van Driver is late night theater at its loopiest. After a short but hilarious
handful of performances last year, the far-out Waldo “Van” Driver (myspace) is back
with his family and friends to totally change your entire uptight perspective on shit –
and maybe even hit you up for a small loan. Actor/writer Jason Schuler plays the
titular decaying hippie with just the right mix of satire and affection; having
concocted an elaborate backstory for Driver, the spoof never sinks into cliché, and
the comedy of errors that ensnares his strung-out family is funnier than a barrel of
nitrous oxide. And the cameo by Nellie the Psychic Chicken is alone worth the cost of
admission."– John Del Signore, Gothamist

“The Operating Theater have consistently staged some of the cleverest, best-produced multimedia performance-based theater in the last five years.” – Tom Murrin, Paper Magazine

Present Perfect

"Rutherford and crew work in a fascinating, zonked-out rhythm- And on Megan Biddle's
Scrumptiously icy set they have plenty of places to drape their ennui."
     - Helen Shaw, Time Out NY

“Kourtney Rutherford and Jason Schuler are two of downtown's most original and funny multifaceted theater people...The Present Perfect is a new comedy by writer/director/performer Kourtney Rutherford, who invariably comes up with something fresh, especially in her outings with the equally imaginative Jason Schuler...”
      – Tom Murrin, Paper Magazine

2007 New York Innovative Theater Award Winner – Excellence in Lighting Design: Peter Hoerburger, The Present Perfect

2007 New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee – Excellence in Set Design: Megan Biddle, The Present Perfect

"The pre-show image was beguiling. The set was beautiful. And spot on. The attention to detail in the set was excellent. The lighting was also incredibly well done - always striking and beautiful." – 2007 NYIT Awards Judge


"...proudly silly and prurient, broadly satirical and filled with sensationalistic gags that would shock your grandmother."  - Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

"Experimental theatre? Performance art? A farce? A spoof? A parody? Digitally-enhanced theatre? FLAT is all of these. The ravaging and eclectic mix within it may be entertaining for some, while for others—simply mind-boggling." - David Reinwald, nytheater.com

"Goofy, raunchy, diabolically clever, FLAT is truly Pythonesque."
      - Tom Murrin, Paper Magazine


“…at the El Cid in LA, The Medicine Show was performance art mixed with old-school cabaret, and appears to be a who's who of young Hollywood up-and-comers.”
     - Kevin Murphy, The Arcanabulum

“Perhaps the most underground and avante-garde of the neo-vaudevillian performances in Southern California is Dr. Schüler’s Medicine Show.” – Vanessa Manko, Dance Magazine

"Home owner Rhoda Dhendron (Rutherford) is mightily displeased with the construction crew building her dream house—and with good reason. Every time the icy blond's back is turned, the denim- and wife-beater-clad laborers break into synchronized dances to classic rock hits such as "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"... D.J. Mendel, a filmmaker and performer who has worked with Richard Foreman and Hal Hartley, adds a touch of warm naturalism [that] plays exceptionally well off Rutherford... Her character may come to an ugly end before she can develop into a likable person, but it's all right, since the other wings of Rutherford's quirky edifice are so cunningly constructed.—David Cote, Time Out New York

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