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GFT Photo

Tim Donovan Jr. as Dr. Reginald Reinhold and Pierre-Marc Diennet as Inspector Strangé. Photo by Peter Hoerburger.

Garden pic

Anna Foss Wilson as Natasha. Photo by Joe DiCastro.

Garden photo

(Clockwise) Keith Chandler as Udi Bohe, Anna Wilson as Natasha, Evelyn Sullivan as Ilyria and Tim Donovan Jr. as Reginald Reinhold, photo by Peter Hoerburger

Garden of Forked Tongues

TRANSATLANTICA is a lunatic fable about the denial of deathwhich tells the story of Dr. Reginald Reinhold, whose psychoanalytic session with an eccentric patient is interrupted by a parade of increasingly eccentric guests, each of whom is dying. With death dancing at every door, Dr. Reinhold is forced to confront his peculiar relationship with mortality.

This production was performed by the Operating Theater at New York Theatre Workshop's Fourth Street Theatre.

Produced by Dori Ann Scagnelli
Directed by Jason Schuler
Written by Kenny Finkle


  • Mr. Timothy Donovan Jr. as Dr. Reginald Reinhold
  • Ms. Evelyn Sullivan as Ilyria of the Land of Ilyria
  • Ms. Anna Wilson as Natasha Reinhold
  • Mr. Keith Chandler Jr. as Udi Bohe
  • Mr. Pierre-Marc Diennet as Inspector Strangé
  • Mr. Eben Moore as Jacques Jacques
  • Mathieu Lorraine Dignard was the Animal Wrangler

  • Jennifer Paar was Costume Designer
  • Peter Hœrbuger was Lighting Designer
  • Kim L. Carter was Sound Designer
  • Gian Marco Lo Forte was Set Designer
  • Carolyn Bonanni was Scenic-in-Charge
  • Keith Caputo, Reinder Oldecastle, and People at Parties created and performed additional music
  • Helene Montagna was Stage Manager

Photos by Peter Hœrbuger and Joe DiCastro

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