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Van Driver was here...

Actor/Director/Writer/Pedagogue/Emotional Conduit, Evan Maror channels Clifford Odets and George Dempster (inventor of the Dempster-Dumpster) in his magnum opus "Why Can't You Pick Up Our Garbage?" A modern parable, this commentary on green living, or lack thereof, delivers audiences an unsettling blend of naturalism and Dadaist shenanigans.

The cast, lead by auteur Evan Maror (the love child of Rasputin and Oscar Wilde with a touch of Alfred Jarry) breathes urban ennui in a fascinating, zonked-out rhythm. The play paints a fauve portrait of the working class as an untended fold of Paschal lambs.

People will leave the theatre inexplicably altered and viscerally satisfied. With its heightened dialogue and raw characterizations, its impossible to put this production into a genre. One could only describe it as a post modern 'Everyplay'.

Van Driver

Conceived and directed by
Evan Maror

Produced by
Dori Ann Scagnelli,
Jason Schuler, and Evan Maror

Keith Chandler
Evelyn Sullivan
Evan Maror
Eben Moore
Laura Kamin as Claire
Anna Wilson
Jason Schuler
Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand
Adam Kezele as the Stage Manager
Caitlin Belforti

Special guests:

Amber Gallery
Peter Hoerburger

This production is made possible courtesy of Cherry Lane Theatre and
Angelina Fiordellisi, Artistic Director

MAY 17th | MAY 18th


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