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Garden of Forked Tongues

The Garden of Forked Tongues is a live and recorded mixed-media performance concerning a group of ordinary people who become involved with tourists from another dimension. Their journey takes them to all corners of the multiverse, and to vast, unknown horizons in their minds. During the presentation the audience is hypnotized to impart the feeling of traveling through space-time with the characters.

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This amazing experiment was originally performed at Teatro IATI with:

  • Elizabeth Stine as Persephone
  • Keith Chandler as Charles Albert
  • Anna Wilson as Agatha Albert and *Megatha*
  • Jacqueline LeClaire as Barbara Jones and The Compere
  • Tim Donovan Jr. as Charlie Albert
  • Adam Hyland as Chuck Albert
  • James Rich as Cosmos, an insurance agent (from the 6th dimension)
  • Alexis Fedor as Honora, an insurance agent and Ba'al, a depraved creature.
  • Harry Meatbahl as Boulette and
  • myriad phantasmagoric tourists

        *Photos by Daniella Sessa

The Garden of Forked Tongues was developed in part at Little Theater at Dixon Place and at Catch Series.

This production was made possible by a Swing Space Grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), with lead support from the September 11th Fund and is made possible by generous space donations from Capstone Equities.

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