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Are You ALIVE?

Have you ever wondered about the nature of reality, the sources of morality, and the paradoxes of human experience? Join the creators of Are You ALIVE?! for a journey into the mind and back again!  Participate in a game show to win fabulous prizes, question your very existence, and face the challenge of a lifetime…

Are You ALIVE?! is a metaphysical extravaganza exploring belief systems, existentialism, and our fascination with the unknown. Audience members are asked often unanswerable questions and invited to participate in unusual experiences to win prizes which are sometimes a challenge, but ultimately beneficial for the soul.

Produced by
Dori Ann Scagnelli

Co-hosted by
Christine Holt

Sound design by
Patrick Murano

Created & hosted by
Dr. Schüler

Prizes for past productions have been generously furnished by: Babes In Toyland, Mazzotti Music, Fine Line Tattoo

Additional prizes have been furnished by:
Judy Elkan, Kenny Finkle, Sibyl Kempson, Emily Mendelsohn,
Kourtney Rutherford, Dori Ann Scagnelli, and Jason Schuler

Are You ALIVE?! has been performed at the Raise The Dead event at Phoenix Artspace, The Catch Series 3rd birthday bash, Little Theater at Tonic and PS122's Avant Gard-A-Rama.

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