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February 1, 2017


Greetings Friends,

I'm very excited to let you know that the Operating Theater Company is back in the laboratory (now located in a secret fortress inside a volcano on the West Coast). We are busy working on new material to delight and amaze. So keep an ear open for whispers and whistles about our upcoming surprises.

In the meantime, please enjoy a perusal around this website, our archive of information about Operating Theater works past. And visit www.jasonschuler.com to see what else I've been up to.

Unfettered regards,





Oracle LogoThanks to everyone who made this event a resounding success!

For the first time in the Modern World, the Operating Theater Company presented The Oracle, an interactive museum exhibit depicting the extraordinary life, premature death and immenent rebirth of Miss Iris Atalanta Lee.

After inciting a riot that led to the burning of a factory in Nottingham, England during the first industrial revolution, Miss Lee, a radical member of the Luddite army, was executed by beheading. Her severed head was stolen from it's place of public display and is reported to have appeared days later at a secret meeting of the Luddites - where it gave directives to further her mission to:

"Destroy technologic engines of all accompts!"

Her severed head has travelled the world for over 200 years, purportedly sharing secrets from beyond the grave.

Key moments from Iris's life have been recreated in a "living waxworks", to allow audiences to witness first hand and interact with this historic and mysterious Promethean oracle.

Performances were held:
Thursday, October 22 -Saturday, October 31, 2015

presented by The Operating Theater at The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave at Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


StatuesWe are extremely proud to announce that as a side project, Dr. Schüler and fellow artists Justine Williams, Vanessa Gilbert and Patricia Faolli from the Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program at Brooklyn College were in residence this spring at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Media Lab, exploring creative ways to use augmented-reality to tour the Museum’s collections.

Inspired by community-based artistic collaborations, the emerging artists collaborated with established older artists Paul Binnerts, Nancy Gabor, Stephen Hall, Penny Jones and Christina Maile, who have sustained artistic practices, living and working at the historic Westbeth Home to the Arts. The group calls the collaboration “Metaverses” - referring to collective virtual shared space.
The intergenerational collaboration between the artists has resulted in the creation of original material to augment museum visitors’ experience of the Met’s collections with elements of time-based, visual and sound art, and digital media.

Augmented-Reality (AR) technology mediates sensory input, altering a participant’s perception of their physical environment. Technology also functions as the artists’ central collaborative tool, enhancing the exchange within the group as they create work in response to selected pieces in the Met’s galleries. Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), an organization that empowers older adults through technology, is working with the artistic team to share the group’s work with members of the population they serve through their programming. OATS seniors will engage in hands-on art and technology workshops at their facilities led by PIMA artists, and will participate in the augmented-reality tour, experiencing the tour and its technology in tandem with younger audience members.


Public Apology: Recent performances of Why Won't You Pick Up Our Garbage Interrupted by Hippie Cult

pog poster

The Operating Theater Company would like to make a public apology to Actor/director/writer/pedagogue/emotional conduit Evan Maror. During his recent attempting to channel Clifford Odets and George Dempster (inventor of the Dempster-Dumpster) in his magnum opus "Why Can't You Pick Up Our Garbage?" A modern parable, and commentary on green living, or lack thereof - the performance was interrupted by an unruly stranger claiming to have lost his way. Subsequent additional members of his "family" continued to interrupt the performance resulting in Evan's early departure from the Cherry Lane theater. The family continued to engage the audience for nearly an hour, while at times admittedly somewhat entertaining, mostly confounding and rabble-rousing. The unexpected event left many people bewildered and several actors from the production as well as a few members of the audience seem to have left the city to join the family as part of their cultish troupe of merry pranksters. We have been in contact with the proper authorities to verify their whereabouts. We will be sure to have better security at future productions. We will provide further developments as they unfold. In the meantime, we would like to apologize to Mr. Maror and invite you to read more about how he delivers audiences an unsettling blend of naturalism and Dadaist sublimity.  Click here...

Operating Theater Company performed at Abron's Art Center to honor Tom Murrin!

Tom Murrin

Avant Garde Arama performance

AVANT-GARDE-ARAMA: NEW MOON, curated by Salley May, honored downtown luminary performance artist Tom Murrin, aka Alien Comic, in celebration of his 27 years of performing in the long running event. Performances were held at the historic Abrons Arts Center, featuring a stellar lineup of performance and video:

Hosted by Jonathan Ames and Dynasty Handbag
Featuring performances by Elevator Repair Service (excerpt from play by Sibyl Kempson), Syd Straw (video), Alice Klugherz, David Leslie, James Godwin, Cornelius Loy, and Julie Atlas Muz

Hosted by The Factress (Lucy Sexton) and Nurse Baby Asparagus (Mike Iveson)
Featuring performances by: Dr. Schüler & the Operating Theater Company, Unitard, Jo Andres video: Diana Krall's When the Curtain Comes Down featuring Steve Buscemi, Laurie Berg, Andrew Schneider, Tigger! and the company of [title of show] and Now. Here. This.



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